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Logo Rationale

The logo design, which speaks truly of our beautiful culture and values, also carries a firm and precise message. The rectangular shaped logo symbolizes a paddy field, being generally regarded as a source of food that reflects good health and prosperous life. In the Malay culture the rice plant signifies the positive trait of being humble, as it is metaphorically described in the Malay proverb, "Bawa resmi padi, semakin berisi semakin tunduk", which literally translates "Be as the paddy stalk, the fuller the grains, the lower it bows."

In tandem with this, DFI will continue to enhance and expand its business operations through hardwork, with the instillation and practice of good values.

The solid font is chosen in the logotype as it symbolizes firmness, stability and strength of the company. The incorporation of the 4 Malaysian flag colours are selected to reflect unity and harmony within the group. In addition, the black lettering represents the rich soil of the paddy land and also portrays the firm and sturdy foundation of the group.

The colours chosen clearly deliver the message in firmness and vibrancy, a distinctive message of continuous effort to excel at the same time upholding good and positive values.


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